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Design can be chaotic, your studio doesn't have to be

The first and the most important step to consider while creating your artwork is , "keep your work space clean" . Yes, you heard it right. Even though you may wonder that what does it matter if my workspace is not clean , i am still creating great work? But the quality of your art definitely depends upon how clean your space is. It not only gives you more ideas , but also helps in putting off your stress! You will always end up being more peaceful and happy while painting and it will help in achieving great results and better strokes at the end.

Whenever I start a new painting, i make sure that all my color tubes, palettes, brushes and most importantly WATER , are well placed and that they wont create a mess! What would be the use , if you are at the end of your painting and accidentally spill the water on it? So, it is in best interests that you always manage your work space efficiently. After all, it is the place where your best ideas are made on the paper.

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