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How to deal with an art block?!

Being an artist, you must have been in that phase where you feel like just giving up making art. The fear that fights with us when we cannot come up with any ideas and feel a 100% demotivated. Yes, I know! I have been through it too. Its called a creative block or most commonly an art block. If you don't know what I am talking about then let me put this into simple words.

"A creative block is a phase during which the artist experiences a lack of motivation , ideas and just don't want to spend more time painting."

I have put together a list of ideas or ways that might help you deal with a creative block.

  1. Don't stress about it - Just stop thinking about it. Occupy your mind somewhere else and just wait for the time to pass .

2. Spend time on your hobbies - Do what you love to do apart from painting. When your mind is occupied in some other thing you love to do, it creates positive vibrations and help in generating new ideas automatically.

3. Take a walk through nature - As cliché it might sound, but nature is the best inspiration. spend time with nature, breathe the fresh air, let go of all negative thoughts and while you're at it, carry a sketchbook with you and start painting random things you notice. Or if you're not feeling like painting, take note of things that spark up your joy and create them later when you feel afresh.

4. doodle it away! - doodling might be the best activity to destress if you're an artist. Search for some cartoons, characters or just some normal clipart and draw them. I do this all the time and it comes out to be fun as well as reduces the pressure of creating more and more.

5. organize - prepare swatch charts for your colors, try color combinations, organize your art supplies and clean your brushes (they don't look dirty, but appearances are deceptive my friend, hehehe...)

At last, the most important thing is to just not pressurize and let it pass. Focusing too much on it will only create mental burden which is of no use guys trust me.

I hope you find this blog useful. If you do, then please leave a comment and like and share with your friends who might be dealing with a similar situation.


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