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Hello, I am Vidhi, the artist behind Blissful Brushes. I work with watercolors, Gouache and acrylics. Since childhood, Art has been my comfort corner. It was a medium for me to chill, zone out and indulge in my own creative world. I have been experimenting and developing my skills ever since. My biggest inspiration has always been my mother who encouraged me to paint and has been my biggest motivator. I love to indulge in my own creative world when I sit with paints and a paper and throw all my worries away and enjoy some Me-time. I find inspiration everywhere I look, and that inevitably filters down into my work. I sell paintings, prints, canvas arts and some other handmade products that you can find here on our shop. You can connect with us over Instagram - @blissful_brushes_ and over email -

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This is the place where I share my experience and my learning with you all.

Important tips for beginners, my experiences, and my journey - are all been shared below ! Scroll down to check my new blog on 'choosing the right art supplies for your artwork'

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I make process videos for my artwork where you can learn how to blend watercolors, add depth to your paintings , give them 3 dimensional look and so much more. just tap on the button below to see my youtube page. Make sure to Subscribe to my channel . Love you all!

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